SavATree’s Certified Arborists are Your Best Choice for Quality Tree and Shrub Care

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SavATree’s certified arborists are highly trained tree experts. Many are licensed and/or certified in caring for and maintaining trees.

Our arborists don’t merely provide tree care services — they are dedicated and passionate professional tree care experts. Our arborists are continually educated, trained and certified on the latest arborist techniques and the newest equipment. Each of our arborists has extensive experience inspecting trees and landscapes, diagnosing problems, and making recommendations to resolve issues or to simply enhance the health of trees and landscapes.

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Our Receive Continual Training

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Our certified arborists and tree care experts bring expertise in tree care and shrub care in order to best identify your property’s specific needs to ensure the health, beauty and safety of your landscape. They continually undergo training to ensure they are up to date on the latest principles of tree care, mechanical injury to trees, plant health care, fertilization, pruning, tree restoration and removal as well as customer service.

Proactive Tree Care is Better Than Reactive

SavATree’s certified arborists focus on proactive care and maintenance in order to help you avoid property damage or personal injury caused by a sick or dying tree.

Our Tree Care Knowledge, Training and Safety Guidelines

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Due to the tough working conditions arborists and their crews endure each day; tree care safety is an important consideration. Arborists work with potentially dangerous tools, in close proximity to high voltages and heights as well as high-trafficked streets. At SavATree, our Director of Safety and Training regularly educates our employees and frequently inspects their work to ensure each task is being performed correctly and safely. The arborists help make sure that our safety standards are being upheld by the field crews on a daily basis. The training, knowledge and commitment that is characteristic of a true arborist makes him or her qualified to diagnose tree illnesses and handle the equipment and resources necessary for proper tree care. These traits distinguish our arborists from laymen and define their expertise. Most of all, our arborists will work to keep your trees alive, growing, healthy and beautiful because we love them as much as you do.

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