Planting Inspection


Hitt Contracting, Inc.


Planting inspection, Digital Loudon Building G


Ashburn, Virginia

The Issue

The client has completed construction of a commercial development project. The planting had already been accepted by the architect and by the county and was in compliance with regards to permitting.

The building was getting ready for occupancy and the owner was concerned that some of the trees appear to be in poor condition. The owner’s landscaper’s arborist had recommend removal and replacement or certain remedial treatments to remedy poor tree condition.

Desired Outcome

The desired outcome was to determine what caused the trees to be in poor condition, and whether or not they could be treated or needed to be replaced.

Our Solution

We visited the site, reviewed the site and the planting plans, and inquired about the history of the plantings.

We reviewed ANSI A300 (Part 6)-2012, the American National Standard Practices for Planting and Transplanting Trees and Shrubs, and its companion document Best Management Practices – Tree Planting by the International Society of Arboriculture. We compared our observations on site to what we found in that standard.

We found that a combination of poor stock, improper installation, and inadequate maintenance contributed to the conditions observed. We recommended a combination of removal and replacement, treatment, and development and implementation of a watering plan for non-irrigated portions of the site.