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SavATree’s Northern New Jersey office
681 Lawlins Road #60
Wyckoff, NJ, 07481
(201) 891-5379
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Professional Northern NJ Tree Service and Lawn Service

The Wyckoff office of SavATree and SavaLawn provides a suite of Bergen County tree services and lawn care services. Our team of arborists, horticulturists and lawn care professionals specialize in treating and managing the specific tree, shrub and turf conditions that affect Bergen County area landscapes.  Residents of Northern New Jersey love to create beautiful landscapes to showcase their properties.  In order to maintain the overall health and vigor, these landscapes require quality care by our certified arborists.  Our custom fertilization and lawn care treatments help the residents of Wyckoff have the nicest lawns on the block!  Our Northern New Jersey tree service and lawn care team also manages many corporate campuses. Our lawn service division provides organic lawn care, weed control and fertilization among others. Out tree care division offers tree removal, tree pruning and trimming, fertilization, disease and insect control and even more custom programs.

If you live in Northern New Jersey area, call SavATree’s Bergen County office and schedule a complimentary tree service or lawn care consultation today.

The Bergen County tree service and organic lawn care team includes:

  • Brian Brunsch – serving properties in Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, Paramus, Glen Rock and Washington Township, NJ.
  • Curt Sumner– serving properties in Midland Park, Wayne, HoHoKus, Kinnelon and Mt. Lakes, NJ.
  • Tom McCloy – serving properties in Ridgewood, NJ.
  • Danielle Schlein – serving properties in Englewood and Tenafly, NJ.


“I’m just sending this E-mail to thank you. Years before we started using you we used another “tree” company who serviced our trees and bushes at the time. They sent us letters and E-mails advising us of what they would be doing, etc. At that time we had a crabapple tree in our front yard which had been slowly dying for years and he was trying to save it as you are with the backyard maple. However, this was a lost cause and the poor tree was pretty ill. We had it cut down. The next time we received correspondence from this company the letter said that the arborist had been here to look things over and they would be doing X, Y, and Z to the various bushes and trees including the crabapple! I was shocked. Obviously they had not been here or they would have known that we no longer had the crabapple tree. It was a rude awakening. Of course we fired them and the next season hired you.

This is all being told because I want you to know how much I appreciate your honesty. It is difficult when you are not knowledgeable about something and are relying on “experts” who are. You have to trust them. The other year you suggested that we do what was essentially a biopsy on the tree and we followed your advice. You put new cables up (I don’t know what happened the ones the previous company put up) and now you are telling us that the tree looks good. You took the time to look at the other trees and bushes on the property and told us that everything looked pretty good and said that we could call you with any other questions. Considering that you are mainly servicing the backyard maple I think that this is so very professional and kind of you. We don’t feel that you are taking advantage of us and, thus, we trust you. How nice that feels. Anyway, thanks again for your honesty and professionalism. We are very grateful.” Ellen and Steve M., Glen Rock, NJ

Do you know how impressed the Greenway volunteers who worked with you yesterday were with your skills, energy, generous donation of time and your kindness? [There has been a] great deal [of talk] on what you contributed to the effort to cull the silver maples. We are all very grateful to you and send many, many thanks.” Marcia Strean,Corresponding Secretary, Friends of Hackensack River Greenway Through Teaneck, Teaneck, NJ

“I have been very happy with SavATree’s services. In particular, their Arbor Patrol program gives me peace of mind knowing that someone is regularly scouting for insect, disease and structural issues before they accelerate and threaten the health of our trees and plantings.” Steve Wirth, Golf Course Superintendent, Cherry Valley Country Club, Skillman, NJ

“SavATree has worked closely with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to save and nurture trees at our historic sites. I appreciate the professionalism and dedication of SavATree’s knowledgeable arborists. Thank you for the work you have done to preserve and enhance the natural landscape of our historic sites.” Richard Moe, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation

“This past Saturday night about 8 P.M. during that terrible rain/wind storm, there was some excitement in my neighborhood. A huge, old, double oak tree split and came crashing down in my next door neighbor’s driveway falling on their cars and also brought down the power and phone lines. The Wyckoff police were very responsive and advised my neighbors that they could not go back into their house so they stayed with me. They were very shaken and still traumatized at the wrath of Mother Nature. On Sunday, I was given Brian Brunsch’s number at SavATree. He was in the Poconos for the weekend and he came back to Wyckoff to assess the damage. I must say that my neighbor did call at least 4 other places and was only able to leave messages. Brian responded right away. His crew did the best they could to shore up the rest of the tree so that my neighbors would be protected from it falling anymore. They felt reassured and safe now. On Monday morning, his crew came to finish the job and what a job it was! They did meticulous work. With the exception of the stump still remaining for insurance evaluation, it doesn’t look like anything happened. A lesson that was learned is to have your trees monitored by a tree expert and SavATree is the company to call.” Christine Schroller,President, Mortgage Professionals, Inc, Wyckoff, NJ

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