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Fortify soil and roots

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Trees need nutrients to grow strong and healthy. But stress from compacted soils, drought, and root space infringement, and resource competition can cause health problems.

Deep-root treatments disperse and aerate compacted soil, allowing roots to better absorb nutrients and water.

Our most popular treatments are:

ArborHealth – our specially formulated, slow-release organic blend fertilizer which includes essential micro and macro nutrients.

ArborKelp – our exclusive seaweed biostimulant which promotes root growth and heightens stress tolerance

Protect against storms

Pruning helps protect your property from storm damage and falling limbs by identifying weak branches and reducing wind resistance.

We find that preventative pruning is especially important for trees along pedestrian paths, driveways, and surrounding buildings.

Diagnose and prevent disease

Disease can strike at any time, but luckily properly timed treatment can prevent the production, growth, and spread of the spores that cause root rot, fruit tree diseases, cankers, and various others.

Look out for signs such as dieback or yellowing leaves and make sure to contact your arborist.

Fight insects

Some insects are beneficial for your trees and shrubs, but others can severely impact plants’ health. Common landscape pests include whitefly, agave snout weevil, mites, and various species of wood boring insects.

What you can expect with SavATree

SavATree has cared for trees for more than thirty years, and we pride ourselves on our environmentally-sensible approach. Our services always start with a visit from your local arborist to assess your property conditions and talk with you about your concerns. From there, they’ll design a tree care service or plant health care program that addresses the conditions of your landscape, as well as your personal preferences and eco-sensibilities.

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