Keith Lingenfelter, ISA Certified Arborist

ISA Certified Arborist

Territory and Services:

Keith operates out of SavATree’s Springfield, VA Branch, providing comprehensive tree, shrub, lawn, tick and deer services to Fairfax, Oakton and Vienna, VA. Some popular services provided by Keith to his clients in the Vienna and Fairfax, VA areas include tree pruning and trimming, tree removal, tree and lawn fertilization, tree and lawn disease treatments, lawn seeding, lawn aeration, weed control, organic lawn care and other organic options, pest control including mosquito and tick treatments and deer browsing prevention services such as our popular and effective DeerTech program. If your property is in need of any care, don’t hesitate to reach out to Keith and schedule your free consultation!

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (571) 282-2500


Keith has been working on landscapes for over 15 years. Over the course of his career Keith has worked in various fields of tree, shrub and perennial research and has been hands on in all aspects of landscape management.


Keith earned his bachelor’s degree in Forestry from Colorado State University and his Horticulture certification from Longwood Gardens.

Industry Involvement, Awards and Certifications:

  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Virginia Certified Pesticide Technician
  • Longwood Gardens Certified Horticulturist


Keith lives in Stafford Virginia and enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with his wife and children.

Why He Became An Arborist:

“I became an Arborist because I enjoy working in, understanding and managing landscapes.”

Customer Service Philosophy:

“I always strive to provide the best customer service and build long term relationships with my clients. Understanding and managing what is most important to them is my top priority.”

Social Network:

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What are Keith’s Clients Saying?

“The crew was excellent, highly professional, really cared about the quality of their work and the outcome. The result was excellent. Clean up could not have been better. Above all, I would like to highly commend Keith. You are truly very fortunate to have him on your team. His knowledge, expertise, his calm consultative and informative style is nothing short of excellent. I would recommend Keith and your team to anyone. Thank you!”
D. Wright, Springfield, VA
“I can’t say enough good things about our experience with SavATree. From our Arborist, Keith Lingenfelter to Thomas and Jose (who perform the applications), the service is just outstanding. Every time they perform a service, my wife and I feel like we learn something new. Thank you again for the outstanding service.”
Stephen H., Dunn Loring, VA
“My Wife and I love the whole team from Keith Lingenfelter to all of the technicians. They are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional. SavATree is doing an outstanding job training their employees who, in-turn, train the customers. We learn something new each time they come out to perform a service. Kwame did an outstanding job applying the organic soil enhancer. He did a thorough job covering the entire lawn and then used the blower to get the excess off of the driveway and the sidewalks around the house. Thank you for the outstanding service, as always.”
Steve H., Dunn Loring, VA
“My husband and I were just commenting on what a phenomenal job Keith, Daniel and the rest of the crew accomplished with the trees. It was a massive job – even the cleanup afterward seemed daunting. The driveway and grass areas are immaculate! How did they do it? We are beyond impressed with everything from start to finish. You were all kind, professional and extremely accommodating especially with my request to put the wood chips in my neighbor’s yard. Thank you, thank you and thank you! I will be singing your praises for years to come.”
Dawn D., Fairfax, VA

Community Involvement:

SpringFest in Fairfax, VA

Each year, Fairfax hosts its SpringFest to celebrate Earth Day. On April 27, 2019, Keith had the chance to attend this great community event with SavATree. It was a great experience for Keith and the SavATree team. Our arborists had the chance to meet so many wonderful people and connect with members of the Fairfax, Virginia community.

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Observations in the Field:

Fairfax, Decay on a Maple

August 9, 2021 – Some trees compartmentalize pruning wounds better than others. This Maple shows exposed columns of decay caused by larger pruning wounds. This can lead to long term problems for the tree including increased risk of tree failure. It’s best to reduce larger limbs near the branch ends which slows their diameter growth at the trunk. Doing this over several years and then eventually removing the limb is much better than removing a larger limb all at once. It’s best to discuss this approach with a certified arborist.

Fairfax, Included Bark

August 9, 2021 – This photo shows bark inclusion on a red maple just below the trunk union. Note the excessive growth nick named “elephants ear” protruding from the union. This has the potential to be a weaker union which could lead to partial or full failure of the tree at or near that spot. At this stage in the trees life pruning, proper cabling and/or bolting might be a good approach to reducing risk.

Fairfax, Invasive English Ivy

August 9, 2021 – Depending on the cultivar English ivy can be extremely invasive. This photo shows a slope where the ivy, planted 15 years ago, has taken over. The ivy is now climbing into and causing problems for many trees along the slope as well as well as limiting the biodiversity as it spreads off property. Erosion control can be tough on certain sites but there are plenty of non invasive plants available that can help.

Fairfax Virginia, Over-Mulched

August 9, 2021 – This cherry tree Unfortunately is buried in too much mulch. We are unable to see the flare where the trunk meets the soil. Over mulching can lead to long term problems for trees and shrubs and should be addressed by removing the mulch and air spading depending on the situation.

Cicada’s in Fairfax, VA

August 9, 2021 – 17 year cicada in full force. Recovery from damage caused by female egg laying is not a major concern on established trees and shrubs. Proper watering and fertilization will aid in a quicker recovery. Concern for tree or shrub recovery may be greater on young or newly planted trees with heavy damage.

Spirea Crown Gall in Vienna, VA

August 9, 2021 – Crown gall on Blue Mist Spirea. This bacterium has no complete control and removal of plants may be the best option depending on the host.

Volutella Blight in Vienna, VA

August 9, 2021 – A fungal leaf spot on pachysandra which can be very detrimental. Reducing stress and maintaining plant vigor are the recommended first steps, treatment options for stubborn cases are available and provide good control.

Leaf Miner in Oakton, VA

August 7, 2021 – Lines or trails and subsequent desiccation of leaf margin resulting from the larval stage of a leaf mining insect. This type of damage on a Sweetbay magnolia may be unsightly but is rarely an issue worth addressing.

Japanese Beetle Damage in Vienna, VA

August 7, 2021 – Characteristic summer interveinal skeletonization of leaves on a Harry Lauder’s walking stick. A favorite of Japanese beetles. Chronic defoliation caused by Japanese beetles can be a problem but can easily be controlled.

Tree Structure

Tree Service in Vienna, VA

October 19, 2019 – Tree structure is key and if trees are not properly pruned, limb failure may occur. This Bradford pear tree split under its own weight, largely influenced by the tree’s structure. Contact SavATree for options on how to properly reduce this risk.

Heat Stress

lawn care oakton va

July 15, 2019 – This lawn is suffering from compaction and heat stress. Proper care can alleviate these conditions, improve lawn health and may reduce the risk of future problems. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a certified arborist.

Swallowtail Caterpillar

swallowtail caterpillar vienna va

July 15, 2019 – I spotted a male and female swallowtail on one of my clients’ properties in Vienna, VA. This diversified home garden has fewer problems than most I’ve seen. This may be attributed to the mix of plant species. The right diversity on your landscape can significantly decrease commonly occurring issues on your landscape. Contact your local SavATree arborist today to find out how you can keep your property beautiful and healthy!

Nature is Beautiful

vienna va orange sulfur butterfly

July 14, 2019 – Observation can tell us a lot. I spotted this Orange Sulfur, also known as the Alfalfa Butterfly, on a client’s property in Vienna, VA. It is simply amazing. 

Leaf Spot in Oakton, VA

fungus treatment oakton va

July 7, 2019 – On one of my clients’ properties in Oakton, VA, I spotted an aggressive, but treatable fungal infection on these Tiarella. Proper side conditions in watering can help reduce the rate of infection and, when warranted, fungicides can help. Moving forward, a few changes in cultural care and a season of protective fungicides treatments will help significantly. Contact SavATree for advice on how to keep your property beautiful all year round.

Hanging With the Crew

tree service oakton va

July 7, 2019 – Sometimes, my kids like to hang out with the SavATree crews! Our team is friendly, hard-working and experienced and you will not regret hiring us to work on  your next tree project! Contact us today.

Poor  Drainage

tree planting advice vienna va

July 7, 2019 – This pilot hole, dug to just below the root ball of a newly planted tree, reveals poor drainage. 6 hours after 1 inch of measured rainfall on-site reveals two to three inches of standing water in the hole. Over time, this has led to root rot, which is killing this tree. Proper site preparation and monitoring can help avoid these problems. Contact your local SavATree arborist for advice about your trees.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch in Oakton, VA

tree service oakton va

June 22, 2019 – A pin oak tree on one of my clients’ properties in Oakton, Virginia was suffering from Bacterial Leaf Scorch. This bacterium commonly infects many species and tends to be the worst for pin oaks and red oaks. Symptoms can mimic many other tree problems. For proper diagnosis, contact your SavATree arborist.

Fig Winter Damage in Vienna, VA

vienna va certified arborist

June 3, 2019 – Preventing winter damage on figs can be a challenge. Picking the proper variety for your area and best location for planting can help. Contact us here at SavATree and we can provide you with tricks to help avoid this problem.

Spider Mite Damage in Oakton, VA

spider mite damage oakton va

June 3, 2019 – Spider mite feeding can be easily detected but often goes unnoticed until more extreme symptoms occur. The best way to avoid problems is by monitoring susceptible species throughout the growing season. Work with a certified arborist from SavATree to ensure that your trees and healthy and safe from the harmful effects of pest like the spider mite. Contact us today.

Excess Mulch in Fairfax, Virginia

fairfax va tree care

May 17, 2019 – This young Willow Oak is buried in mulch. This practice can lead to serious long-term problems for the tree. Proper planting, mulching and leaving the trunk flare exposed are crucial for long-term tree health. Catching this early can be an easy fix. Schedule a free consultation with one of SavATree’s certified arborists and have the health of your trees assessed and find out how we can help you to improve your property. 

Girdling Roots in Fairfax, VA

Fairfax, VA Tree Service

May 17, 2019 – This Oak is struggling with a large-diameter girdling root hidden below grade. Girdling roots, over time, can not only stress or kill a tree, but can affect tree stability. Catching something like this early on can be an easy fix, but becomes more complicated with age. I recommend having your trees evaluated by a certified arborist each year to help prevent situations like this. Contact SavATree today and schedule a free consultation with one of our ISA Certified Arborists!

Pine Tree Fungal Infection in Vienna, VA

April 25, 2019 – This Pine tree, located on a client’s property in Vienna, VA, is showing symptoms of a fungal needle cast infection. Without treatment, the tree may eventually die. If your evergreen trees look like they are balding like this one, contact your local SavATree arborist right away. Our appropriately timed treatments can make a big difference, especially if started early after symptoms begin to appear. 

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Territory List:

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