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Tom Marshall, Arborist


Tom operates out of SavATree’s Brookville branch in Old Brookville, NY providing comprehensive tree, shrub, lawn, tick and deer services to Hewlett Bay, Laurel Hollow, Lloyd Harbor, Lloyd Neck, Lawrence, Huntington, Syosset and Massapequa Park, NY. Some of the most popular services he offers to clients in the Hewlett area include organic lawn care, weed control, lawn fertilization, lawn seeding, lawn aeration, pest and insect control including our organic tick and mosquito treatments, deer browsing prevention services including our popular DeerTech program, shrub and hedge trimming, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree fertilization, tree disease treatments and management and tree removal. It is very important to have your property assessed by a certified arborist regularly to ensure the health, safety and beauty of your landscape. Tom will come out to your property and work with you to create a custom tree, shrub and lawn care program tailored to your needs and wants. Contact us today and you will not be disappointed!

Phone: (516) 587-9000


Tom received a certificate award for completion of Cornell Cooperative Extension course: Veggie Farming: From Season- long Care to Harvest.


Tom has worked for many years as a vegetable and fruit farmer growing and cultivating vegetable crops and peach trees from seed to harvest. His time at SavATree has been spent performing Plant Health Care and Lawn Care services.

Industry Certifications:

  • NYS Commercial Pesticide Applicator License


Tom lives in Glen Cove, New York. He loves being outdoors enjoying activities such as camping, sailing, and golfing with his family.

Why He Became An Arborist:

Tom became an arborist because he loves the outdoors and learning as much as he can about the environment. He finds the work of an arborist to be challenging and rewarding.

Customer Service Philosophy:

“I love helping my clients create an appealing landscape by infusing my knowledge with SavATree’s excellent service lines and programs.”

What are Tom’s Clients Saying?

“My wife and I are very pleased with the professionalism and expertise of SavATree. The office manager was pleasant and professional during each of my calls. [The arborist] understood the tree services we needed and was very knowledgeable. Additionally, the professionals who performed the tree services were diligent, efficient and friendly. I would not hesitate to hire SavATree again and recommend their services without reservation.”
Richard C., Dix Hills, NY

Observations in the Field:

Struggling Alaskan Cedar

tree service huntington ny

long island tree care

June 26, 2019 – When landscaping your property, it’s important to be conscientious of maintaining proper planting death and soil level of current specimens when adding new plantings to your property. The rocks and beds of this Alaskan cedar were put around the trees years after they were planted. After several years, the trees are now showing visible signs of the stress caused by the grade change. 

Be Careful of Sprinkers

syosset ny tree care

June 26, 2019 – Be mindful of where your sprinkler heads are pointed as some plant material won’t respond well to being showered daily. For example, the taxus below does not like being wet every day. Contact SavATree for advice on how to properly care for your property.


long island flowers

long island ny tree service
June 26, 2019 – Summer is here and gardens are in full bloom. With beautiful weather ahead, we can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. If you’re having any trouble in  your garden, contact SavATree!

Fruit Tree Treatments

fruit tree treatments massapequa ny

June 26, 2019 – When life gives you lemons, contact a local SavATree arborist! If you are having any trouble with your fruit trees, SavATree can help. We offer a custom fruit tree treatment program tailored to your needs to help you alone. Happy Summer! 

Inch Worms on a River Birch

inchworm treatments savatree

June 26, 2019 – This week, I was on a clients’ property in Huntington, NY and noticed this damage on the leaves of their trees. This defoliation was caused by inchworms. They are very hungry moths in their larval state. These tiny critters can cause a lot of damage to your trees if they aren’t taken care of promptly. Keep a look out for these little guys! If you do notice inchworms or inchworm damage on your property, contact your local SavATree arborist right away.

Lace Bug Treatments in Seaford, Long Island

tree service seaford ny

May 8, 2019 – The lace bug, a sucking insect, loves to feed on andromeda, weakening the plant and making it less visually appealing. It can be difficult to remove the damaged parts of the plant without removing healthy parts with it. A certified arborist can help to save your andromeda and other plants from an infestation of lace bugs or other insects. Contact us today!

Lawn Disease in Northport, Long Island

nassau county long island lawn service

May 8, 2019 – With wet and warmer weather on Long Island, watch out for lawn diseases! If you notice any patchy, brown spots on your lawn, that’s your cue to call SavATree. Reach out to us right away and we’ll schedule a free consultation with one of our certified arborists.

Baby Birds in Massapequa, Long Island 

massapequa ny tree service

May 8, 2019 – These baby birds were spotted in a client’s tree in Massapequa, NY. SavATree is an environmentally conscious company. We help landscapes stay alive and thrive for our clients and their guests! Contact SavATree today and schedule a free consultation with one of our certified arborists.

Pear Trees in Woodbury, Long Island

woodbury long island tree service

April 24, 2019 – Spring has sprung and it’s time to get your disease treatments scheduled. These Pear Trees produce beautiful white flowers around this time each year. If your Pear Trees don’t bloom beautifully each year, contact your local SavATree arborist. Our carefully timed treatments will help your trees flourish!

The Beauty of the Long Island Landscape

huntington ny tree care

lawn service massapequa ny

lloyd harbor ny tree service

certified arborist long island

One of the many great things about being a certified arborist is the ability to work outside in nature. Tom was able to take these beautiful photos while working on clients’ landscapes on Long Island!

Territory List:

Nassau County
Bar Harbor
East Massapequa
East Rockaway
Garden City South
Hewlett Bay
Hewlett Harbor
Hewlett Neck
Laurel Hollow
Massapequa Park
Meadowmere Park
Mitchell Field
North Massapequa
North Woodmere
Rockville Centre
Roosevelt Field
South Hempstead

Suffolk County
Bay Hills
Beech Croft
Cole Spring Harbor
Cold Spring Hills
Crab Meadow
Dix Hills
East Northport
Eatons Neck
Fort Salonga
Harbor Heights
Huntington Bay
Huntington Station
Kings Park
Knollwood Beach
Lloyd Harbor
Lloyd Neck
Mount Sinai
Old Fields
San Remo
South Huntington
St. James
Sunken Meadow
West Hills

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