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ArborKelp®, an exclusive product pioneered by SavATree, is a biostimulant, that promotes root growth and heightens stress tolerance in plants.

It is especially advantageous for new transplants, trees and shrubs that are under stress and in situations where the introduction of nitrogen may encourage proliferation of harmful insects or disease.

ArborKelp is an organic compound that improves soil structure and augments soil microbial activity which is essential for nutrient absorption by the roots. Specifically, it increases cell wall permeability, increases translocation of water, stimulates cell division and elongation, and promotes chlorophyll production. In turn, the specimens on your landscape will benefit from ArborKelp in a variety of ways including increased survival rates for new plantings and an increased ability to tolerate and recover from stresses for all plantings.

ArborKelp is 100% natural and is collected in an environmentally responsible manner. ArborKelp can be administered throughout the year, as long as the ground is not frozen.

SavATree ArborKelp

What Our Customers Are Saying about ArborKelp

“I have to tell you that we are very impressed with the ArborKelp treatment! Our pathetic looking river birches are now looking healthy, perky and have a ton of new growth!!”

– Christine A.
Clarksburg, MD