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Adding to the Family

Daniel Van Starrenburg For the last twenty years the business media has been dominated by reports of mind boggling mergers and acquisitions. Many of our clients have been affected by merger mania, either directly in their own business or employment, or indirectly, as the stores they frequent or service companies they hire seek to gain competitive advantage in the market.

The tree care industry has seen a lot of merger activity as well. Although the firms often aren’t large enough to make headlines, the motives for merging are similar to the larger ones you may read about. Our business requires certain economies of scale in order to bring high quality customized solutions to our clients, and attract and retain the best talent to meet an increasing number of regulatory requirements while keeping costs low.

SavATree has been actively pursuing other tree care firms that share our passion for excellence, leading to seventeen acquisitions in the last ten years. Most of these mergers are commenced for market share purposes, but what we have gained in adding quality firms to the SavATree family is far more extensive than just economic benefit.

Each firm has a unique way of doing business. There is something to learn with every acquisition, and we have grown as an organization thanks to the collective wisdom of the fine firms that have joined forces with us over the years. We have benefited greatly by the entrepreneurial spirit, family-business work ethic and local expertise of each and every acquisition. But by far the greatest benefit comes from incorporating the talented team members and valued clients into our portfolio.

Our company depends on sustaining relationships with loyal customers and highly qualified employees to stay in business, and we appreciate both groups immensely! I am truly honored to incorporate and build upon the unique heritage of all of the tree care companies that have joined the SavATree family, and look forward to adding more in the future.

by Daniel van Starrenburg, President

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