Lawn Disease Treatment & Control

Lawn disease treatment following diagnosis by a lawn care expert will restore your landscape’s health and beauty. High humidity, moisture, stress conditions and certain types of grass can create favorable conditions for problems such as lawn fungus, brown patches, red thread and other lawn diseases. Every lawn disease treatment recommended by your SavaLawn lawn specialist is based on analysis of the types of grass in your landscape and your growing environment.

Lawn Maintenance & Disease Prevention


Maintenance for lawn diseases is often a season-long endeavor. When a lawn disease treatment is applied to your lawn, the protected part of the blade gets removed as it grows and is mowed off. Thus, multiple applications of a lawn disease treatment may be required. The longevity of a lawn disease treatment mainly depends on the types of grass in your landscape, the specific lawn disease being treated and weather conditions

Pathogens are never totally eradicated from the lawn. Diseases can lay dormant in the thatch or in the plants waiting for the right conditions to become active. Your lawn maintenance consultant will work with you to develop a program that integrates carefully targeted treatments for specific areas where undesirable weeds, crabgrass, damaging insects and lawn diseases exist. In order to develop turf that is more competitive against lawn disease, your program may also include a balance of specially formulated nutrients and slow-release fertilizers.

Common Lawn Diseases


Lawn disease control requires extensive knowledge and experience with the conditions specific to your region. Different kinds of lawn fungus cause different types of lawn diseases.

Some of the more common lawn diseases include leaf spot,red thread, dollar spot and patch disease.

Leaf Spot Disease

Leaf spot is caused by a specific type of lawn fungus, and occurs predominantly in the spring when there is a lot of succulent new growth that doesn’t have the chance to harden off. Treatment for leaf spot lawn disease may be required every 3–4 weeks to gain control. Should this disease persist, slice seeding new grass varieties into your lawn is recommended to reduce the percentage of grass types that are susceptible to this lawn disease. img59

Red Thread Lawn Disease

Red thread is a type of lawn fungus that can be a season-long problem, from March to November. This lawn disease is most prevalent when the weather is damp or humid.

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

Dollar spot is most common on bluegrass, but it also affects all cool season turf grasses. Environmental conditions favoring dollar spot lawn disease are warm days and cool-warm nights with high humidity or prolonged dew. It’s generally thought of as a summer lawn disease, occurring primarily from June to September.

Brown Patch Disease

Patch disease infection doesn’t become obvious until the plants go into stress, normally occurring in June or July as a result of summer heat and reduced rain. Patch lawn disease can be reduced with a minimum of 4 applications. Our treatment protects your lawn for summer patch and brown patch conditions.

Snow Mold Disease

Snow Mold is caused by a fungus that is active over the winter underneath the snow. There can be many reasons how a lawn developed this disease. One reason could be the lawn is wet, holding the moisture.

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