A Complete Deer Protection Solution

Keeping your trees and shrubs safe from hungry deer requires Three Circles of Protection.

Deer Protection System

Do you find yourself wondering "why are the deer eating my plants?" and "what do I do about it?".

DeerTech (a SavATree company) offers a solution that combines sound, deer repellent treatments and continuously switching things up to prevent deer adaptation. Our solution is far more effective than deer fencing or repellent treatments alone. Product development and field experience on thousands of properties in high deer pressure areas has proven DeerTech's effectiveness — as has our over 95% customer satisfaction rate!

Deer are determined, agile and smart animals. So how does DeerTech provide deer protection where fencing and treatments have failed? We don't underestimate this formidable opponent.

DeerTech developed an effective solution to deer control that does not harm deer, pets, or people, by employing biologists with expertise in deer behavior, partnering with Cornell University specialists on deer research, and undertaking extensive field testing to create the best deer prevention solution on the market.

The Science of DeerTech

People constantly ask us how do we "get rid of deer" or can you "keep deer away?" The truth is you can't! Increasing deer populations target homeowners landscapes, and destroy flowers and shrubs.

Our proven solution is DeerTech's Three Circles of Protection. It creates an environment that deer perceive as dangerous and acts as a deterrent them by targeting all of their senses. Here's how DeerTech's solution works:

Our patented ultrasonic units emit sounds that compare to the equivalent of a 747 jet to a deer. It is inaudible to the human ear, but to deer, ultrasonic frequencies block their greatest natural defense: hearing. This discourages deer feeding as they are unable to listen for predators or other risks in the area. Our electronic deer deterrent device available in NY, NJ, CT, DE, and PA is disconcerting to deer. However, in most cases, this alone is not enough to keep hungry deer from eventually eating if they are hungry.

The combination of foliar deer repellents with ultrasonic sound will continuously make deer feel unsafe foraging in this environment. We regularly treat with products which deer find the smell and taste objectionable. Ingredients in scented products aid in making deer feel unsafe and making your property less desirable. Deer deterrent treatments make plants taste undesirable to deer and thus reduce their interest in eating your landscaping.

Over time, even the first two circles: Sound and Treatments, which are significant barriers, can be penetrated as deer learn to adapt. This is why DeerTech switches things up to keep the deer on their toes and unable to adapt. Deer are creatures of habit. They don't like changes in their environment. New smells and new sounds scare them. A DeerTech Field Specialists visits your property monthly to observe and adjust your system and treatments accordingly depending on the season, weather changes, and behavioral changes of deer on your property. A new place or a new scent creates a potentially dangerous environment that repels foraging increasing deer protection. It's important to understand that deer are as individual as people. It is up to the DeerTech Field Specialist to use their field expertise and lessons learned from the hundreds of properties protected under this program in order to identify your deer's behavior pattern and customize your deer deterrents to prevent the deer from destroying your plants.

We Outsmart Hungry Deer

So go ahead and plant what you want! No deer fencing needed!

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