Why SavATree?

Work with Arborists, Tree Disease Specialists, and Lawn Care Professionals Who Can Help You Achieve Personal and Professional Goals

Arborists, managers and training staff will help you become an expert in the tree care and professional lawn care industry. SavATree is committed to providing you with opportunities for professional advancement and personal growth. You will work with a team of people who are equally as passionate about tree care and lawn care as you are. Through a combination of long-term planning, teamwork, creativity, new technology and effective communication, we will give you the resources necessary to make steady progression and a long-lasting, rewarding career in professional lawn care and tree care. Click here to apply.

Arborists and Professional Lawn Care Specialists Take Pride in Positive Company Attributes

SavATree is an industry leader in environmentally sensible plant health care, general tree care, professional lawn care and turf management for residential, commercial, institutional, government and historic properties. You will be joining a healthy, aggressively growing corporation, with arborists providing premier arboricultural services including tree disease diagnosis, insect treatments, safety inspection, natural and organic lawn care and tree pruning. You will also have the opportunity to work on some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country from one of our many office locations throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions including Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Custom professional lawn care and tree care programs that are tailored to the specific needs and individual characteristics of each landscape set us apart from the competition. You can experience the camaraderie of working on a team that is committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. Our arborists deliver insect treatments, identify tree diseases and diagnose tree diseases, conduct hazard reduction inspections, prescribe preventative and curative treatments and create customized nutrient programs. You will use your knowledge of tree diseases and plant pathology to make a proper diagnosis and develop unique plant health care programs. On-going development of products and services allows us to honor our commitment to the use of the least intrusive and most practical solutions to tree diseases, insect infestations and general tree care. Certified arborists select the most effective natural, botanical and synthetic (or manufactured) products available to treat the individual needs of each property. All of our equipment incorporates the latest technology and is selected with both safety and efficiency in mind. We design many of our specialized tools and equipment in-house, setting new industry standards and earning international acclaim along the way.

As dedicated members of the communities we serve, SavATree employees are passionate about the care of trees, shrubs and professional lawn care, committed to promoting the special relationship between people and their surroundings, and proud to help preserve America’s living treasures.

More reasons why you should choose SavATree:

  • Fascinating work
  • Knowledgeable peers
  • Expert mentors
  • Rewarding client relationships
  • Skill enhancement incentives
  • Focus on safety
  • Growth potential
  • Reputation for excellence
  • Value driven organization
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Award winning service
  • Family-friendly company


    • Health care plan
    • Voluntary dental
    • Flexible spending account
    • 401k savings plan
    • Competitive salaries
    • Paid holidays
    • Field crew attendance incentive
    • Careers development planning
    • Paid vacation and sick days
    • Equipment account for field crews
    • Long term disability
    • Life insurance


Employee Testimonials

SCOTT LAMM – Guardian Tree Service 1975, Brubaker Tree Service 1981, SavATree 1992-present: “In 1992 my former employer, Brubaker Tree Care Service, was acquired by SavATree. Although I was concerned at first, SavATree has proven to be a forward thinking market leader. My personal expertise has continued to develop since the merger, and I’m proud to add my talent to this growing company.”

MICHAEL SCHOENI – University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point class of 1988, SavATree Arbor Patrol Specialist 1989, Arborist and Sales Representative 1990, Branch Manager 1994-present: “I started in a field position in 1989, then moved up through the ranks to become the Branch Manager of our third largest facility.”

Ongoing Training & Support

You will receive continuous instruction and certification in the most progressive methods used to preserve the health and safety of trees and shrubs. You will undergo rigorous training and be provided with various educational opportunities in all department areas including tree and plant health care, professional lawn care, tree disease prevention, turf management, sales, operations, marketing, administration, finance and customer service.

In addition, our experienced arborists and staff will provide you with on-going support in technical skills, sales strategy, lead generation, marketing collateral, administrative assistance and client relations. We are constantly working hard to improve the quality of our tree care services and professional lawn care services, exceed the expectations of our customers and provide an environment where employees like you will continue to grow.

Our Values

  • Service to the customer above all else
  • Quality without compromise
  • Developing innovative solutions
  • Respect for the environment
  • Being a leader

For further information on exciting career opportunities where you will have the opportunity to diagnose tree diseases, develop construction damage prevention programs, provide maintenance tree pruning and work in professional lawn care and tree care, contact us.

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