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For Immediate Release – December 16, 2003

Historic Preservation Efforts Include 200 Year Old Washington Walnut In Maplewood, NJ

Maplewood, NJ —December 16, 2003—SavATree, a leader in the Northeast region tree and shrub care, is now providing specialized treatments to enhance the health and life-span of the historic Washington Walnut Tree located at the Washington Inn, the old Timothy Ball House.

This tree’s symbolic tie goes back to Revolutionary days and according to legends, Washington, cousin to the Balls, tied his horse to the iron ring which was attached to the trunk. The tree has grown over the ring and is no longer visible.

Just as people require more frequent care as they grow old, historic trees need special attention from experts with an intimate knowledge of root systems and damage prevention methods. David Cohn, Certified Arborist and Tree Expert with SavATree states, “When we are entrusted with the care of a historic tree, we focus on the exterior stability, internal health and aesthetic beauty of the specimen.” Close visual inspection of the branches, leaves and trunk determine if any insect or disease conditions are present and also assess the vigor and health of the tree. Soil conditions are also evaluated to determine nutrient availability.

David found the Washington Walnut to posses a compartment of decay and an old lightning scar. The tree also shows signs of lacking vitality. Dave states, “Using SavATree’s horticultural advances we have developed a treatment plan that will address recovery as well as continued care for the Washington Walnut.”

An older tree has different nutritional needs than new plantings or younger trees. David adds, “Older trees usually need to redirect energy to root density enhancement, which increases tolerance to environmental stresses and improves nutrient uptake. By applying SavATree’s Arbor Kelp and custom blended fertilizers, we ensure a healthier existence for the Washington Walnut, and protection against the harsh winter weather ahead. I am proud to contribute in preserving a piece of this community’s heritage.”

About SavATree: This premier tree, shrub and lawn care company has been providing environmentally sensible tree service and lawn care to residents, businesses and historic properties for over 20 years. They currently operate in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, and Washington D.C. Industry certified arborists provide clients with expertise in tree care and help clients maintain a healthy, safe and beautiful landscape. Services include tree pruning, disease diagnosis, removal, insect and mite treatments, organic lawn care, integrated lawn care and more. For more information, please contact us.


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