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My Favorite

winter king hawthorn

My Favorite Tree

Winter King Hawthorn
Crataegus vindis

Winter King Hawthorn brightens up the landscape scene with its ½ inch “red” fruits clinging all winter to the outstretched open branches. This outstanding tree paints the springtime with clusters of white flowers when leaves have budded out. Later in the fall the green foliage is transformed into colors of purple to scarlet on the vase shaped branches. As it matures, the bark evolves from a lighter, silvery color to an orange-to-brown, showy and exfoliating. Rust disease is seldom. Another benefit: very few “thorns!”

Jim Slezinski, Senior Landscape Designer/Horticulturist

Goldner Walsh Garden & Home, Pontiac, MI

(248) 332-6430 •

fragrant judd viburnum

My Favorite Shrub

Fragrant Judd Viburnum
Viburnum x juddi

This compact shrub has shown excellent adaptability and versatility in the landscape. We have had great success utilizing this shrub in many situations within both multifamily and residential applications due to its fragrant, profuse flowers in midspring, adaptability in partial sun to full sun conditions, and resistance to insect infestation and disease. The compact nature allows for us to implement them as a focal point specimen or groupings in large landscape scenarios. It is a staple for our landscape palette.

T. David Van Zelst, President, RLA, ASLA

Van Zelst, Inc., Wadsworth, IL

(847) 623-3580 •

My Favorite Ground Cover

Lamium ‘Orchid Frost’
Lamium maculatum ‘Orchid Frost’

My first choice for a colorful flowering ground cover is Lamium ‘Orchid Frost’.Variegated leaves with green edges and silver centers along with the cool lavender flowers will brighten up any shade to partial shade situation. It’s easy to care for,few pests, reliable flowering and quick to recover from any deer tasting. Mixed with Hosta, Bergenias, Lady’s Mantle, Ferns or Bleeding Heart will create an ever-changing garden. Good drainage and organic soils with available moisture will ensure its success.

James Babcock, Chief Landscape Designer

Superior Scape, Inc., Shelby Township, MI

(586) 739-9630 •

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