Introducing 404-SavATree’s NEW Plant Health Care Offerings

Trees and shrubs do pretty well in their natural environment, but once they’re planted in a cultivated landscape or surrounded by developed land, they often need a little TLC to maintain their health and maximize their longevity.

Here are a few examples of the kind of care we’re talking about:

Soil amendments. Trees and shrubs struggle in Georgia’s clay soil. To give them a hand, we’ll custom blend and apply an additive that provides a better environment for their roots.

Disease prevention. Georgia trees tend to be susceptible to root rot, anthracnose, and a variety of cankers. We diagnose the problem and set up a treatment plan to help keep yours healthy.

Deep root treatments. Fertilization fortifies stressed trees and encourages healthy growth, while treatments like ArborKelp help reduce the amount of water needed and aid in root development.

Insect management. From Ambrosia beetles to scale, there are plenty of insects that put your trees and shrubs at risk. Our insect control programs help protect trees from serious damage.

Our expanded menu of plant health care means we can help safeguard your landscape like never before.