Say Hello To a Greener Lawn in Georgia

Maybe you’ve heard the news already—we’re now offering a whole range of treatment programs for your lawn. Each program starts with a walk of your property to gauge your needs and preferences. Once you’ve come to a decision, we’ll start on our series of applications. We space out applications throughout the year for maximum effect.

Here’s a quick overview of our 3 different lawn programs:


If you’re after a traditional approach that delivers results while being gentle on the environment, our Integrated program might tickle your fancy.

This is a smart option for properties that haven’t had attention in a while and have areas of weeds, crabgrass, insects, or disease that call for targeted control. Integrated applications help correct your lawn’s issues and create a lush canvas for your outdoor activities.


Our all-natural organic lawn program is popular for a reason. It uses a balanced formulation of OMRI-certifiable nutrients, minerals, and slow-release fertilizers to increase microbial activity and humus while nourishing your lawn.

Organic is a great program for lawns that need a pick-me-up, as it encourages healthy growth that can crowd out weeds and fill in bare spots.


This program is similar to our organic option in that it focuses primarily on turf nutrition. It uses a blend of synthetic ingredients to fortify the soil and encourage lush growth.