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Daniel van StarrenburgTips From The Top
by Daniel van Starrenburg, CEO

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Steve Wigdor, SavATree’s new president.

While I will continue in my role as CEO, Steve will focus on our company’s two main goals: customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Steve joins SavATree from BrightView. He is a seasoned executive with a proven track record of success running various sized organizations within the services and products sectors, including 11 years as Chief Operating Officer for Triangle Services and key roles at Campbell Soup and Kraft General Foods.

Steve Wigdor
Q: Welcome to SavATree Steve! What would you most like SavATree customers to know?
We take the responsibility of caring for our clients’ properties very seriously, demonstrated by SavATree’s values, standards and reputation. Our goal is to earn your trust by regularly exceeding expectations.

Q: What do you think SavATree clients are looking for?
We know from our bi-annual surveys that SavATree customers value excellent Results above all else. This is why we are staffed with
professional arborists and highly trained crew members, supported by service line directors who are subject matter experts. We take great pride in offering state-of-the-art solutions shaped by scientific breakthroughs and advancements in the field. Respect for the environment is a core SavATree value and we constantly search for better ways to achieve results using the most environmentally friendly approach.

Q: How do you ensure customer satisfaction?
There is a great benefit to having a Certified Arborist on your property on a consistent basis. An expert who can recommend site specific solutions that meet individual property
needs is immensely valuable. It allows for the implementation of proactive measures that provide better long term solutions for a healthy landscape – and can also help avoid more
costly options in the future. I am always conscious of the fact that we must stay in tune with the client experience and continually look to make improvements, since what customers want and expect can change over time. That said, I believe there are four main priority points for us to deliver a great client experience.

We place substantial emphasis on our Employees, starting at the very beginning with a thorough and selective hiring process. Beyond technical proficiency, we seek out people who truly listen, can be trusted and are empathetic to the needs of the client: with the goal of ensuring that our staff dependably delivers on our promises. Safety is always a prime concern and we continually look for ways to mitigate risk. While this isn’t always at the top of the list when clients select a service provider, it is a critical component of the value SavATree brings. Communication is the common thread that runs through all interactions, from initial customer contact, to appointment setting, to making recommendations, to providing services – and it is clear communication at each step of this process that creates both results and a customer experience that are second to none. Finally, ongoing Training helps to ensure a great client experience every time.

I am extremely enthusiastic to join the SavATree team and excited to work with the smart and passionate people who have built SavATree’s great reputation in the industry.


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