Community Service Project

SavATree Community Service Project

More than thirty members of SavATree’s management team from across the country came together for their annual Volunteer Day at the Henry Whitfield State Museum in Guilford, Connecticut.

Not only did the Danbury Forest Homeowners Association meet their objective to maximize safety and minimize risk, but having a consulting arborist catalogue their trees yielded a variety of additional benefits. At last the HOA had a framework they could use to plan and budget for tree care in a thoughtful, cost effective manner. The report recommendations are being used to extend the life of their most desirable trees. They also serve as a reference when replanting, to add diversity so that the landscape is protected from devastation due to a single pest or disease. Ultimately, the plan will help the HOA keep the community in the best possible shape for future owners.

A National Historic Landmark property, the museum is New England’s oldest stone house. It originally served as the family home for the minister of a group of English Puritans who journeyed to the New World seeking religious freedom.

Following years of severe weather which resulted in the loss of dozens of trees and damage to the landscape, the team focused their efforts on cabling, pruning and rejuvenation pruning in order to make the museum property safer and more beautiful.