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Education and Training – The SavATree Advantage

SavATree distinguishes itself through a deep commitment to continuous improvement and comprehensive training and development. Keeping current on new scientific developments and methodologies is a source of pride for company team members and adds value for our clients.

Over the years, SavATree has developed a full line of services to meet the needs of our residential, commercial and institutional customers. In addition to providing tree care, plant health care and lawn care (including organic tick treatment and deer browsing deterrence), our Consulting Group is available to help a range of professionals with actionable tree intelligence.

Because each service line is highly specialized and technical in nature, SavATree offers rigorous training toteam members, customized to their background, experience and level of education. All team members who touch a property must, at a minimum, meet licensure and certification requirements set by the state in which they practice. Beyond that, the company encourages continuing education and development, and has instituted a series of engaging programs and activities in support of this initiative.

Company sponsored training programs reach nearly every segment of the company, starting from the moment we onboard a new team member. Although many new recruits are degreed professionals who have specialized in the sciences, every new arborist and branch manager attends a unique, proprietary SavATree immersion program – a comprehensive, two weeklong event featuring classroom and field instruction. Then, depending on their specialty area, they will embark on either a series of in-field training experiences or online modules with numerous tracks appropriate for various knowledge levels and culminating in exams at each stage.

Every year, further training is offered, shaped by scientific breakthroughs and advancements in the field. Multiday, stimulating conferences are attended company-wide by arborists; branch managers; tree care, plant health care and lawn care specialists; and office managers, complete with continuing education units available to appropriate audiences. SavATree brings in prominent, published experts from universities and leading companies to challenge our team and keep everyone on the cutting edge and well versed on business best practices.

Our focus in education and training is an investment that pays dividends for our valued employees and ultimately benefits every SavATree customer.




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