Tree Service & Lawn Care Expert Serving Atlanta, GA

Gabie Desiena, ISA Certified Arborist


Territory and Services:

Gabie operates out of SavATree’s Norcross branch in Gwinnett County, GA providing comprehensive tree, shrub, lawn, tick and deer services to Vinings, Smyrna and Atlanta, GA. Some popular services provided by Gabie and the rest of the team to the Atlanta and Vinings area include tree removal, tree pruning, tree and lawn fertilization, tree and lawn disease management, shrub disease treatments and fertilization, organic lawn care and other organic services and pest control services such as tick and mosquito treatments. If your property is in need of any sort of care, contact Gabie today and she will set up a custom tree, shrub and lawn care program to fit your wants and needs.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (770) 889-2822


Gabie worked on landscapes for over three years before becoming an arborist. She has experience with general maintenance, plantings, design, diagnosis, diagnostics and treatments. She has also worked in the tree care business treating, diagnosis and mitigating tree conditions. Gabie also has previous experience working with the SavATree Consulting Group providing clients with actionable tree intelligence. Throughout her time working with the consulting group, she performed tree risk assessments, tree inventories and tree preservation plans.


Gabie earned her degrees in Agronomy and Biotechlogy from the State University of New York at Cobleskill.

Industry Involvement/Awards/Certifications:

  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Virginia Pesticide Applicator License, Registered Technician
  • Member of the USA and MAC-ISA Chapter
  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified


Gabie grew up in Carmel, NY, but now resides in the Atlanta area. She worked as a dog trainer for 4 years, focusing on puppy training. It was a very rewarding job for her, but her love of nature and trees has always been her calling.

Why She Became an Arborist:

“Since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated with trees. My parents always found me outside climbing them! As I grew older, I began to question things like ‘How do they get so big?’, ‘How do they not fall over?’ and ‘Do they get sick like people do?’. When it was time to go to college, I knew I wanted to have a career which could help me answer these questions while also helping others do the same. Being able to save trees and keep people safe from them has given my life meaning. I truly believe being an arborist is both an important and rewarding career.”

Customer Service Philosophy:

“Honesty is my best policy. I always want the client to know exactly what is going on with their trees and why I am making my recommendations, which may include sharing information about the science of it all! Understanding the needs of my clients and working within their budgets to achieve happy, healthy landscapes is my main goal.”

Social Network:

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Community Involvement:

Atlanta Home Show

Atlanta GA Tree Service

Gabie attended the Atlanta home show in September of 2019. She ran SavATree’s Ask an Arborist booth at the Cobb Galleria. It gave her a great chance to network with other home services professionals and connect with members of the community!

Observations in the Field:

Mistletoe, a parasitic plant Atlanta, GA

February 20, 2020 – Mistletoe is one of very few parasitic plants that  is easier to view during winter months. It has root like structures that burrows into the trunk and stems of trees instead of into soil. It takes water and nutrients from its host trees. In mild cases it will not cause significant harm to the host tree, but in more severe infestations it can decline the host trees health significantly by stealing its water and nutrients. When a host tree can not obtain enough resources its health will decline causing stress and leaving it vulnerable to other insect and disease problems.

Future Arborist in the Making!

Atlanta GA Tree Service

September 5, 2019 – It is so wonderful to see young people take an interest in arboriculture. This little girl was fascinated in watching Milton take down this 47″ DBH White Oak that was sadly overtaken by ambrosia beetles.

Black Twig Beetle in Northeast Atlanta

atlanta ga tree care

black twig beetle

August 22, 2019 – The Black Twig Beetle has been spotted on Southern Magnolias in Northeast Atlanta, GA. The beetle does not normally kill the tree, but can leave it looking aesthetically unappealing. It can also stress the tree out leaving it vulnerable to other pathogens. If you suspect your Southern Magnolias may have this problem, feel free to reach out to your local SavATree arborist today for a complimentary consultation.

Territory List:

Atlanta County

Cobb County

Fulton County