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Adjusting your lawn fertilization based on environmental conditions

June 20 marked the official start of summer. Though for much of the United States, from coast-to-coast, summer’s arrival seemed to occur several weeks prior as unseasonably warm temperatures have been recorded throughout much of the country.

Tom Di Liberto, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), says, “It’s virtually certain that 2020 will be among the five warmest years on record with a nearly 50% chance 2020 will be the warmest year on record.”

The Weather Channel also confirmed that temperatures throughout much of the United States for the remainder of the summer and into the early fall would be hotter than average.

That’s not good news for your lawns.

Fertilization applications for your lawn are customized based on the environmental needs of the season. Early applications are designed to awaken your lawn from dormancy with nutrients, while late spring and early summer applications target weeds, insects and diseases.

But when outdoor weather conditions become unseasonable (temperature increases, drought) suddenly your scheduled lawn fertilization may no longer be appropriate for its environmental needs.

During periods of unexpected summer heat, combined with a lack of rain, lawns often become stressed, which make then susceptible to insects and diseases.

If fertilization needs have in fact been altered based on changing environmental conditions, your lawn may not be prepared to ward off such negative attacks and could ultimately experience irreparable damage.

Lawns are very adaptable and if the stress they experience is too great, some will often enter a state of early dormancy for protection. But if your lawn is cared for by the experts at SavATree, you have nothing to worry about.

Our lawn care technicians closely monitor the ever-changing environmental conditions throughout the United States, and make sure your fertilization applications target the needs of your lawn at any given time. That means for much of the country, our stress blend of fertilization is being applied on lawns as summer temperatures arrive early.

If you have questions on your lawn fertilization application schedule and how we’re working to make sure your lawn is cared for throughout all weather conditions, contact SavATree today.