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Knowing when your lawn is ready for spring growth

For homeowners across America, there’s perhaps no greater disappointment than to gaze out from their front doors and see a lawn in dormancy during the winter months. It’s dull and brown and leads you to marvel at the reality that in a few months it will be replaced by a lush brilliant green color which signals the arrival of spring.

Speaking of spring, it’s early this year – March 19, 2020 – and before long, you’ll be outside playing steward to Mother Nature’s outdoor carpet.

“Once the air temperatures start warming up and the ground starts drying out, most lawn-owners begin itching to get outside,” says Kim Ridel, product marketing manager at John Deere. “But the biggest factor in knowing when to get out in the yard is seeing the signs of plants waking up from their winter rest. This is determined more by soil temperature, rather than air temperature.”

Soil temperature is not something easily measured (and we don’t recommend using your kitchen’s instant read thermometer for this purpose).

But plant experts and savvy gardeners have long relied on one plant to let them know when the soil temperatures are around 50 degrees – an ideal temperature for new growth to begin.

“When you see yellow Forsythia blooms, you’ll know that other plants, including your lawn, will soon follow,” says Ridel.

So, before SavATree arrives in February, March or April to perform your first fertilization service, here are a few things you can do to get out and get ready for a season of new growth.

  1. Break out the leaf rake and give your lawn a gentle grooming (weather permitting). This will not only remove any residual debris off your lawn, it will also loosen blades of grass which have become matted down by snow.
  2. Service your lawn mower. Change the oil, sharpen blades, replace spark plugs and clean last year’s grass clippings from the bottom of the mower to prevent inefficiencies.
  3. Create an action plan for maintenance and watering for consistent results.

While it still may be some time before your gassing up the lawnmower, you now know when the soil temperature will provide optimal growing conditions for your lawn. Just look for the tiny yellow flowers in your community.

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