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Dangerous storms go hand-in-hand with the changing Seasons.

Dangerous storms go hand-in-hand with the changing seasons.

Be sure you have an arboricultural company that knows your property and how to handle every climatic calamity like the back of their hand. The photos below were taken




Having a skilled licensed and safety certified Arborist in your tool chest is often handy when mother nature decides to act up and deliver a serious present that could ruin your day.

Case in point (above) this is a 40 in diameter Red Oak which fell from adjoining property across the rear Lawns smashing into a house on the other side.

We had the pleasure of rectifying the situation including removing a very large tree which was speared through a sidewall of a in ground pool.

Safety, planning and professionalism is what you must insist upon dealing with in these extremely hazardous and dangerous situations.

Here at SavATree the above statement is our mantra we believe everyone goes home and every site is rendered safe.