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A social media campaign aims to plant 20 million trees

The power of social media is not always clearly visible to the public. But when MrBeast reached 20 million subscribers on YouTube, he wanted to do something big to commemorate the accomplishment.

Known as Jimmy Donaldson in real life, MrBeast runs a popular YouTube channel known for his attention-grabbing stunts.

So, when he asked his loyal subscribers for suggestions, one idea in particular caught his attention. It was suggested to plant one tree for each of his 20 million subscribers. Challenge accepted.

Suddenly, a movement to benefit the world was born and became known as #TeamTrees.

We’re all aware that changing temperatures are having a negative impact on our planet’s environment. Many scientists now believe that trees are an important part of the battle against climate change globally.

Who better then to partner with on this monumental project than an organization whose mission it is to “inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees” – the Arbor Day Foundation.

All donations will flow through the Arbor Day Foundation, who will be the global force responsible for the physical planting of all the trees.

“It’s right up our alley,” Arbor Day Foundation Vice President Woody Nelson told Business Insider. “We work with partners around the globe and try to align those funds with projects that really need help.”

So far, over $8 million US dollars have already been raised over the last few weeks, which will help fund the planting of eight million trees around the world as part of the Arbor Day Foundation reforestation program.

The fundraising efforts will continue through the end of 2019, with the first trees scheduled to be planted in early January in warmer climates.

While it’s expected that not all trees will survive, the Arbor Day Foundation predicts about a 3% mortality rate, which isn’t bad for a project of this magnitude.

The industry is in full support of #TeamTrees initiative, with high-dollar donations pouring in from a variety of prominent businesses.

You can do your part to help support #TeamTrees as well, after all, every new tree planted will become a part of the forests which in turn will help battle climate change. Every little bit helps.

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