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Be sure to Water the Grass Regularly

Many of my clients who want a nice lawn at their home have an irrigation system to regularly water the grass. This makes it easy to be sure that the turf gets what it needs, in terms of regular moisture, to grow and be healthy. However, that irrigation system needs some routine maintenance. Most irrigation companies will stop by in the spring to turn the system on, and then return in the fall to blow out the pipes for winter. However, are they stopping by mid-summer, to assess the function of the system? Debris can clog sprinkler heads, plants may grow into the path of the irrigation stream, or the system may not function as it did a few years ago. These pictures show irrigated lawns where the systems have failed and/or plants have grown into the path of the sprinkler stream. Sometimes this is an easy fix, other times you will need your irrigation company to make repairs and adjustments. Maintaining your irrigation will help reduce your watering bill and more effectively supply your lawn with the water it needs.