A Green, Healthy Lawn is the
Ultimate Welcome Mat

Professional lawn care performed by certified lawn care specialists and highly trained crews can help you achieve a plush, green lawn that is naturally more resistant to disease, insects and weeds. Soil and turf analysis and proactive aeration and seeding improve root systems and lawn genetics. SavaLawn, SavATree's lawn care division, is ready to assist you whether you need immediate help treating a lawn fungus, brown spots, have other problems growing grass, or if you want to learn more about our lawn care programs without obligation.

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Lawn Fertilizing and Lime

Lawn fertilizer is essential if you want to create a healthy, green lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood. In order to develop turf that is resistant to disease, insects and weeds, our lawn care experts will incorporate a balance of specially formulated nutrients and slow-release grass fertilizers into your seasonal maintenance program. Our expert lawn care consultants will conduct an examination of your property and make program recommendations specific to the unique needs of your turf environment, including lawn fertilizer.

Soil Analysis and Aeration

Soil analysis is the first step toward achieving your dream lawn. The health of your turf is directly related to the condition of your soil. Analysis via lab testing by a professional will help to customize your lawn care program in order to obtain optimum results and determine how much lime your lawn needs.

Lawn Weed Control

An important component of any lawn care program is weed control. Quality weed control starts with an inspection of your turf in order to spot unwanted growth early on. SavaLawn, the lawn care division of SavATree, uses a lawn treatment approach that targets only the spots of your lawn that require weed control.

Insect Control & Grub Management

Insects and grub worms can undermine even the best and healthiest of landscapes. As if grub worm damage and insect damage weren't pest enough on their own, their presence can attract moles which can wreak havoc on your lawn. At SavaLawn, the lawn care division of SavATree, professional lawn care experts can identify and apply insect and grub worm treatment if an infestation already exists, but they also will work to prevent this problem by developing a comprehensive lawn care program that includes grub control.

Lawn Diseases and Treatment

Lawn disease treatment following diagnosis by a lawn care expert will restore your landscape's health and beauty. High humidity, moisture, stress conditions and certain types of grass can create favorable conditions for problems such as lawn fungus, brown patches, red thread and other lawn diseases. Every lawn disease treatment recommended by your SavaLawn lawn specialist is based on analysis of the types of grass in your landscape and your growing environment.

Lawn Seeding

Growing grass from seed can seem like a daunting task. A lot of thought and assessment goes into selecting the best grass seed for your property and the best lawn care program to protect your new turf. A lawn service specialist can guide you through all of these variables and provide tips to help you repair existing issues with seeding or establish a new lawn, care for it with a professional maintenance program, and keep your landscape looking great for years to come.


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