Tree Canopy Assessment

SavATree Consulting Group

Let the Consulting Group at SavATree help you achieve a sustainable tree canopy

The Consulting Group at SavATree has experience with tree canopy assessment and planning at multiple scales, from the site to the neighborhood, to the city and beyond.
We can help you realize your tree canopy management objectives with:

  • Tree canopy assessment and goal setting
    With our partner the
    University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Lab, we can help you answer the questions:
    How much tree canopy do I have? How much can I have?
  • Tree canopy prioritization
    Using stakeholder engagement processes, we can help you identify priorities and outcomes and plan for tree canopy management to help you realize them.
  • Tree ordinance review or creation
    Members of the Consulting Group have experience administering tree laws, writing tree legislation, providing technical assistance to communities
    in reviewing tree ordinances, and in planning and policy work. We can help you draft an ordinance that meets your objectives while balancing the environmental, economic, and social
    concerns of your community.
  • Tree canopy goal implementation
    We can help you assemble a complete package of tools to realize your tree canopy goal, including technical assistance, incentives, regulation, and education.
This is a paper by our alliance the University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Lab, published in the Swiss peer-review journal Remote Sensing. It describes the methods we use in our urban tree canopy assessment projects.

Urban heat mapsUrban heat maps take a study area and map it according to surface temperature
allowing clients to plan for canopy enhancement in higher heat areas. These data can be combined with social data to mitigate risks to populations most vulnerable to heat island impacts (i.e., infants, 65+, etc.).

Using Forest Patch Analysis, the Consulting Group can separate the canopy out into single trees, small patches and large patches.

The Consulting Group uses business analytics or visual representations of data
for tree canopy assessment to facilitate understanding and management.

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