Actionable Tree Intelligence

The Consulting Services


The Consulting Group has over 20 years of experience addressing the needs and concerns of private, corporate, institutional and municipal clients. We adhere to an environmentally sensible philosophy and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to deliver actionable tree intelligence for our clients. How can we help you?



Call 1-571-282-2500 today for a consultation with SavATree’s fully trained and certified consultants. Click here to contact the office nearest you.

The Consulting Group Case Studies

Case Study:
Planting Inspection
Case Study:
Tree Appraisal
Case Study:
Tree Preservation – Waterfront Park
Case Study:
Tree Preservation – Reservoir
Case Study:
Tree Canopy Assessment
Case Study:
Tree Location Web App

For additional information download a poster that identifies our complete suite of assessment tools (Adobe PDF format)